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Androirc For PC is an android application with this you can able to connect to itrs servers and thousands of chat rooms provided by this app. You can also chat faster when the internet connection slow, it works extremely super. They provide us more than hundred of chat room with a minimum interface that make possible in chat in real time. You can also access this system from your phone all credits goes to AndroIRC


Androirc For PC download this app you have to do is download additional software which is android emulator. this android emulator helps to run all the android application pc. There are lot of emulator available on pc but we recommend you to download bluestack for safe use. Follow the below steps to download this app.

  • First go to chrome and download bluestack from the official website
  • After download completed install and launch the bluestack
  • Now open the emulator home page and look for play store icon
  • Before using play store you have to sign in with your google account
  • Now on play store search bar search for androIRC
  • Then your search result will be shown on the top of the screen
  • Select for download and install
  • Finally open and start using it


You should need minimum operating system 2.3

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  • to see your user list double tap on the screen
  • then you can open channel by single tap
  • now you can go wherever in this open channel
  • Verizon blocks IRC over 3g for them you cant use androIRC app
  • To avoid advertisement buy a premium androIRC app which is available on market
Androirc android For PC
Androirc android For PC
Join channel on chat
Chat room


  • In this app graphics are similar to mIRC
  • You can configure the channels to join once the application has been launched
  • There will be small cut in authentication
  • It contains copy, paste function
  • It connects to multiple server
  • It contains keyboard shortcuts
  • It is easy to access to the usual IRC user function
  • You can startup with joining auto channels
  • You will receive some android notification
  • It supports for SSL function where you can connect multiple devices
  • It contains fish support for that you need android 2.3 and above
  • Here you can backup and restore
  • It is loged in to SD card
  • It stay connected in background apps
  • It supports user and channel list
  • It supports quiet page and code page
  • It supports for UPNP where you can send and receive DCC
  • It supports multi window for all Samsung devices

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Androirc For PC I hope above given instruction will help you to download this app. Please share your experience of using this app this will help us to write more.

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