Best Firewall Software For Windows

Windows systems seems to be constantly getting nudged by the security issues that online villains are expert to exploit. Even though the network has a great and effective built-in firewall system, Windows PC needs protection from online threats in addition to block viruses, trojans, rootkits and other malicious software and also to mention the hackers from breaking into the system and breaching your data. Firewall Software monitors online activities and blocks all the potential attacks. Finding the suitable one among plenty of products can be quite a Herculean task. So, this article will provide you with a list of the best firewall software you can install right away and protect yourself from the attacks.


GLASS WIRE : Best Firewall Software For Windows

Glass Wire app actively and efficiently protects from all the incoming and outcoming online cyberattacks. The moment you install this firewall software windows it protects your operating system from such threats and attacks. Unlike other software, Glass Wire blocks it instantly and as soon as it comes up.



  • This app gives you a warning about the changes related to the network you are on
  • This app can also track the data usage and give you the notification related to it
  • There are a number of toolbox of network checks


ZONE ALARM : Best Firewall Software For Windows

The next software to appear on this article’s list of the Zone Alarm. This app protects your PC from every sort of cyberattacks including identity theft, malware, viruses, phishing attacks, spyware, ransomware etc. so you can be rest assured be safe and secured from threats.



  • There is an option to lock down the network
  • This app also features a mini graph that tracks and displays your system’s health and the overall condition
  • There is also a visual network monitoring with this app


TINY WALL : Best Firewall Software For Windows

Tiny Wall is one of the most highly recommended firewall software for windows 10 users that will protect users from almost every online threat that their operating system is vulnerable to. The software stealth your computer’s ports against hackers and blocks infectious programs that might expose off your personal as well as official data as such on the internet world and be a very easy prey for the hackers to steal your data and cause harm to your work and personal life.



  • The best thing about this software is that this is a firewall with an antivirus program inbuilt
  • This app comes with multiple layers of security
  • This app also has an online backup


COMODO FIREWALL : Best Firewall Software For Windows

Whenever the topic of firewall software pops up, there will be no such article that will be without mentioning this Comodo Firewall app. The way the software allows users to easily add programs to their blocklist makes it all the easier to use application. Before getting started with this firewall software for windows 10, you all must remember Comodo Firewall will change you default homepage and search engine. If you as users want everything to be same at the first place, you have to deselect the option during the initial setup, which you will be able to see in the online tutorials or the manuals that come along with this setup file.



  • This app also blocks unwanted traffic from entering into your network, thus giving you ample amount of protection
  • App is the most trusted app among the netizens and other software professionals today
  • This app also has a very good and caring customer service


NETDEFENDER : Best Firewall Software For Windows

NetDefender is another best free firewall software with loads of features. This software is considered as the most basic of all the software. NetDefender app has very simple options and features and settings that are easy and convenient to use. This Windows 10 Firewall reveals all your system’s activity so that you can easily monitor what your computer is doing in the background and you could also keep an eye on it. It also displays all the current and past servers your PC was connected to, so that you can examine what potential threats are and even block them if required, to protect you before hand.



  • This app has no ads interruption in between
  • This app has a dedicated LAN controlling option for all its users across the world
  • This is an instant firewall configuration system, so it is very simple and easy to install


OPEN DNS : Best Firewall Software For Windows

OpenDNS is quite a robust windows 10 firewall software for Windows so far. This app comes with advanced security measures that keeps close eye on threats that try to sneak through social networking sites. This is also an open DNS, which is very well an accurate protection against cyber-attacks.  In short, it can be said that this app is an all-in-one solution including Antivirus, Anti-theft, and much more.



  • There are many customizable options that will help you protect yourself from the attacks worldwide
  • And also some real time alerts for your safety
  • There is a special whitelist section that adds more safety to your working on the internet



Norton Antivirus Plus is ideal for a single PC or a Mac for offers real time threat protection against malware, spyware, phishing attacks, and other online threats. The software is designed to provide multiple layers of security for your PC or Mac, including firewall protection.



  • There is more powerful scanning option for both connections
  • This app is slowly gaining fame across the world
  •  This app comes with an inbuilt protection system of the host life



Azure Firewall provides network security to protect your network resources and some of the malicious software. It also offers a feature of threat intelligence-based filtering. It also allows preventing traffic from malicious domains and IP addresses, thus safe guarding your system and all of your personal as well as private data.



  • There are many custom DNS servers
  • This app has easy sandboxing features that helps you to eradicate the malware attacks
  • There is a virtual kiosk to block any program that is suspected



There are three profiles in Private Firewall, allowing for easy switching between unique settings and firewall rules. The list of applications that are allowed or blocked is very easy to recognize and alter. You can add new applications to the list and clearly see which are blocked and which are allowed to appear. In fact, this is one of the most simplest firewall software that one could ask for and is also very interesting to use and hang out with.



  • There are many timely alerts with regards to any suspicious malware or software program
  • This app has a very good customer support system for all their users across the world
  • This app is compatible with almost all the version of Windows



The next on this article’s list is the Outpost Firewall software. This app has some of the most advanced settings that could win you over. On first release, rules can be automatically created for well-known applications, which is very nice feature that you do not have to manually define them if you have popular programs installed. Just like other firewall programs, Outpost Firewall allows you to add custom programs to the block or allow list and define specific IP addresses and ports to allow or deny as well.


  • You could also rate this app, that will let you know how much a program is trustworthy
  • This app has a simple and very user friendly interface
  • The setup of this software is very easy and is not at all any much complicated



When Ashampoo FireWall is first installed on your system, you will be given an option to walk through a wizard in Easy Mode or Expert Mode to setup program which programs should be allowed or blocked from using the IP address. The Learning Mode feature is wonderful because it initially realises that almost everything should be blocked. This means as programs start requesting access to the Internet, you will have to  manually give them the necessary permission only after scrutinising and then set Ashampoo FireWall to remember your choice thereafter. This is helpful because you are able to know the exact programs that are accessing the Internet to block those that should not be.



  • There are no frustrating ads that will pop up in between
  • This app is so much good for the beginners
  • This app has an inbuilt port scanner facility



Firewall, real-time malware detection, speedy cloud-based scanning, URL filtering to block malicious websites, all these can be done by the one and only firewall software Panda Dome Essential antivirus. Not to mention, the goodies, you could expect from the best antivirus software. And, that is just the beginning. Panda Dome is always coming up with the added extras that some of the other plans on this list will not be able to match.



  • App will protect your PC from spoofing
  • This app will automatically block the non trusted apps and websites upon detection
  • This app has won many awards among the netizens

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All free best Firewall Software For Windows that this article has listed above come with their pros and cons. While some of them are great for features, security, and privacy, the others have an edge on pricing, but it is definitely worth the pay as this is matter of security for you as well as your personal and private data. For optimal protection and prevention from threats, we would recommend you to go for ZoneAlarm, Comodo Firewall or Glasswire. If you want visibility and control of your applications, then go for Private Firewall or Tinywall. The best firewall options to streamline your security infrastructure include OpenDNS home, Glasswire, and Netdefender.

We hope you find this article very useful.

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