Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac

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There is a whole lot of typing software and computer keyboard learning software available on the internet today, which will help you in improving typing speed and enhancing your typing skills. Most of the best typing software and typewriting training programs for mac to practice touch typing and practice typing on the keyboard are available on the internet with a nominal subscription fees. Nowadays, most of the jobs out there are computer-oriented.

So, you will have to type fast and very quick in order to get work done on time. And if you are a slow typing person then sometimes you might feel very embarrassed in front of your  team members and annoyed at work because things can get a little slow due to your slow typing speed. That is why this article is here for you. This article will let you know the various good typing software for better typing speed and accuracy.


TYPIST : Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac

The very first on the list is the Typist app. Typist offers several lessons and exercises and examples to teach you to type, increase your speed and accuracy, and practice again and again. Start by selecting a standard course, review, or drill. Each offers several lessons within the exercise from learning key locations to typing full sentences. With each exercise, you will see a description of the lesson. Once you are done with your lesson for the hour or the day, you will have the option to view your key strokes per minute, typing speed, and error ratio. This is a great way to improvise and enhance yourself and know where you need to concentrate.

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  • This app provides you are very fun and an interactive learning session
  • This app has a wide range of learning practices and exercises ranging from beginners to advanced levels
  • There is an entry level which the app will conduct to get to know you more


KEYBOARD VIRTUOSO LIGHT : Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac

Keyboard Virtuoso Light will teach you typing through repeated practise but that is just on of the best way to learn or practice typing. You can view the correct fingers to use and keys to press with a colourful display. There is also an option to see your average speed, average rhythm, types characters, number of errors, and elapsed time with a total letter score. Keyboard Virtuoso Light offers 20 warm-up exercises and ten lessons for free. The full version of Keyboard Virtuoso includes 300 lessons for a nominal subscription fee of $3.99.

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  • Many accounts can be integrated with this app, as much as 6 accounts can be added to this app
  • There are many lessons and also the corresponding exercises to each lessons
  • After the completion of the tests, you will be given a report for the performance along with the errors that have occurred


TYPESY : Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac

Typesy is yet another great educational typing app that offers you courses and games. You can earn points, see your progress, and watch your skills improve over time, which will definitely make you a lot more happier. You could also view your mastery, speed, accuracy, and typing level. Then, you will have the chance to continue through the courses which concentrate on the keyboard rows with drills and games. You can also move onto mastering numbers and symbols. Typesy is available with limited courses so that you can try it out. If you like it, take a look at the premium account option which gives you unlimited courses, games, and full reports.

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  • This app is best suited for both adults as well as kids
  • This app has a very good customer support system
  • To keep you engaged throughout the whole class, there is a light back ground music that keeps playing


TYPING FINGERS LT : Best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac

In this app, you will have to follow Dennis as he shows you how to sit correctly and position your body and hands. Then, you will begin to start the learning process. You will see a colourful onscreen keyboard showing key locations with written and narrated descriptions as you move along. Dennis will guide you along each lesson and when you finish, you can take the test to try out your new skills. After you complete your work with great remarks, you will be able to unlock the next lesson. Typing Fingers LT is a fun app for kids to learn how to type with colourful animations and game-like experience. It is also an entertaining way for adults to enhance their own typing skills.

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  • App has around 30 lessons of different levels of sentences
  • This app provides easy navigation between different lessons
  • This app is also suitable for any age groups



If you need a complete package for learning typing then this best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac for you it’s provide you best learning experience it’s easy to use interface is awesome you get lots of typing tools in it you can start learning typing and makes your typing skills more Sharp in short time it’s comes with pre-loaded assignments, games, projects which gives you complete experience of typing and you became master in it.

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  • This app allows for easy switching between different users
  • There is also different key board layout
  • This app also has the best customer service



Tux Typing is another great online typing tutor software. It is also an open source software and is available free to download and use it contains some different types of games which you can play and improve your typing skills and speed up your typing speed. It is designed to be fun and to improve words per minute speed of typists. And coded in the famous C language. You can easily download it and start learning typing. This app is considered as one of the best apps for typing purpose. It is available only for windows users. It also has an easy to use interface start typing Now.

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  • This app takes a test initially to check your current typing speed and skills and then help you accordingly
  • Various finger positions are also placed in the keypad
  • There is also a report that displays your progress through practice and time



If you are a beginner or an amateur, worry not, as you can use Typing Trainer online which is a 100 per cent free typing web tutor to learn touch typing and keyboarding skills. We all know that typing is one of the demanded skills right now in this modern and digital age. If you are willing to learn to type or grasp your skills in typing by using the best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac then you can use typing trainer app and enhance on yourself.

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The app provides a free course which makes it very easy for the learners to learn to type. You can also take different lessons which are available in the software to enhance your skills. Step-by-Step Approach, On-Screen Keyboard, Motoric Warm-up, Word and Text Drills, Smart Review, and Skills Test, etc. are some of the highlighted features of Typing Trainer. Start using Typing Trainer online and double your typing speed today.


  • This app is absolutely free of cost and also with many inbuilt features
  • This app also is ad free, however you will have to get the pro version of this app
  • You will be able to unlock new lessons once the previous ones are successfully completed



If you are feeling desperate and low that you still look at your keyboard for typing texts and contents, you could opt for this AI-based online typing software and learn to type using only your index fingers. This app is an Artificial Intelligent engine which studies typing patterns. It uses multiple unique algorithms to track user levels and help them based on it. This is one of the best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac, which has a user customizable user interface, so that you can quickly type without looking at your keyboard. This smart user interface also reflects on which finger the user should use to type each letter. Bolt AI measures your key stroke dynamics. Additionally, it an also understand your typing pattern. Based on this analysis and all that studying, Bolt AI generates words that emphasize more on your weakest keys at a given time.



  • This app will definitely make you one of the best people to have a good hands on experience using the keyboard
  • There is also a hint that will be displayed at the beginning of each lessons
  • This app also has a very good customer support system


All the apps suggested in this article are true and you can definitely rely on them. You may also try out the apps suggested in this article and also check out which one is the best Free Typing Software Programs For Mac.

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