Best Photo Stitching Software for Windows

Photos have become an integral part of life, which got powered by dedicated cameras in smartphones. Now that you don’t have to buy expensive cameras and then carry them with you, smartphones have made it easier to not just click pictures but also to edit them the way you want. One of the editing in demand these days is to stitch photos together. Photo stitching is a process of merging multiple photos to create one single wide or long picture. In this article, we’re going to shed some light on the 10 best photo stitching software that you can download. Today, in this article, we will discuss some of the best photo stitching software for Windows that you should consider in 2021 for creating professional panoramic photos.

Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows 10/9/8/7

  • Image Composite Editor
  • Hugin
  • Auto Stitch
  • Kolor Autopano
  • Affinity Photo
  • Adobe Lightroom CC
  • Arcsoft Panorama Maker
  • Widsmob Panorama
  • Pixtra Pano Stitcher
  • Gigapan Stitch
  • Microsoft Ice

Image Composite Editor

Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

Image Composite Editor is one of the best panorama stitching software that is available at absolutely free of cost and is designed and developed by Microsoft Research Computational Photography Group. This dedicated panorama image creator develops a high definition panorama from a single camera location. Let us look at some of the amazing features that it has got to offer for us.


  • Thus app can automatically complete the image by adding additional pixels onto the image
  • This app can read the raw images by some codes built with the software
  • This app can also depict the progress of your work


Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

Hugin is one of the best photo stitching software that usesfvery less resources for creating a panorama image. The tool is loaded with all the necessary and important features in its user-friendly interface that require very less of your efforts to generate a greater outcome. Hugin may not appear very appealing as compared to other such tools but the design is made to work faster using least resources.


  • Using the Orientation tool of this app, you can adjust the panorama rotation
  • This app is absolutely free of cost
  • This app will allow you to stitch any series of overlapping image to generate a panorama

Auto Stitch

Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

As the name itself suggests it, Autostitch can create a panorama image without the need of any human help for that matter. You will just have to load the overlapping images and wait for the magic to happen. Autostitch is a 2D and a fully automatic photo stitching software, which is a product of the developers’ technology for panorama photography, visualization apps and VRs. The magical feature of taking care of everything automatically is the result of its building using the most recent AI technology.


  • This app has a very interactive user interface
  • This app provides a complete and an automatic mechanism to generate the panoramic images
  • You could also use this app for unordered image collection

Kolor Autopano

Kolor Autopano Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

Kolor Autopano is a professional photo stitching app that delivers high quality to your photo stitching. It is one of the most advanced image assembly app that is loaded with plenty of features to simplify the panorama generation. The tool comes handy on Windows computer that will deliver outstanding performance. The great perk of Autopano is that it is available for all the major platforms like Android, Mac and Linux.


  • This app lets you blend into the exposure automatically
  • There is also support for structured panorama
  • This app can also support large sized images by stitching gigapixel panoramas

Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

The next one this list if the Affinity Photo app, which makes it to the list of best photo stitching apps that you can download. It is a dedicated and professional tool that organized and distributes the process to generate a meaningful output with its sharp features majoring panorama images. Also, Affinity Photo also lets you create professional level changes and correction adjustments, which you can only find in expensive high-end software. 


  • This is a very light weight app and is very convenient to use
  • This app supports more than 20 languages

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Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

Adobe never goes unseen when it is related to photo editing, as it is one of the best apps for all kinds of users and there you have Adobe Lightroom CC that provides photo stitching as one of its best features. Now that the product comes from an organization having popularity in photo-based industry, Lightroom makes stitching as simple as any other feature. It processes your stitching using the automaticalgorithm and also some other great algorithm, which makes sure that there is minimum human intervention.


  • This app uses very a smaller number of resources
  • App has been rated as one of the most important apps from beginners to advanced users
  • This app is very fast and is also very user friendly

Arcsoft Panorama Maker

Arcsoft Panorama Maker Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

If you are looking for a very easy way to stitch multiple photos into one panoramic photo, you should definitely check out the free version of ArcSoft Panorama Maker app.This app is available for both Windows and macOS, the tool comes with an advanced image stitching algorithm, making it one of the best panorama stitching software for almost all of the users across the world.


  • This app lets the users to stitch the overlapping images without any much complexity
  • Blending can be done very quickly and easily with this app
  • It is not necessary to need any kind of professional skills to use this app

Widsmob Panorama

Widsmob Panorama Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

If you love creating panoramic images, then you must definitely try WidsMob Panorama app. This is a professional photo stitching software to produce high-quality panorama pictures in just one click.You can stitch normal photos which is having different kinds of image formats into a panoramic shot with the help of this tool. The tool can be downloaded for free; however, the Pro version can be purchased at a nominal subscription fee of $19.99.


  • This app can change your digital photos into a panorama automatically
  • There is also an option for 2 dimensional stitching
  • All the images in different shapes and perspective are aligned well

Pixtra Pano Stitcher

Pixtra Pano Stitcher Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

If you do not know how to combine multiple photos in one frame online, do not worry at all when you have the Pixtrapanostitcher. This is a professional image stitching tool that makes the process of creating 360° panorama pictures very easily.This tool brings together a solid set of features and lets you combine multiple overlapping photos into one seamless panorama and then convert it to beautiful wall posters, screen savers, and more.


  • The SIFT algorithm helps find the similar looking images automatically
  • This app supports multiple image formats
  • There are also many customizable options like the visualized editor and batch stitiching options

Gigapan Stitch

Gigapan Stitch Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

If you are shooting with a GigaPan panoramic robot, there is this Gigapan panorama stitcher available that is known as the GigaPan Stitch. Overall, it is fairly a basic and quite outdated app now, but one of the striking features of this app is that it does especially well is multi-row or column panoramas, which is the basic feature of the GigaPan robots.


  • This app offers a free publishing platform for panorama and you could also share these images in just one click
  • App has a very good customer support system
  • It is highly safe and secured to use

Microsoft Ice

Microsoft Ice Best Photo Stitching Software For Windows

ICE, which stands for Image Composite Editor, is a product of one of Microsoft imaging research labs and is a good complement to the PhotoSynth technology. This app is gaining great popularity among the netizens. It also has some unusual and really interesting features, like being able to create a still image panorama from a video pan and creating images in ways that most stitching apps cannot do.


  • Image arranging process is made very simple and effortless using this app
  • There is also an option to add a frame and a title to the panoramic images
  • Ice App can also be used to create 360 degree aerial panoramic with great ease and effort


Overall, there are many panorama-stitching software for free that you can download and create the picture of your choice. But, it is highly is important that you click photos that you wish to stitch together in a way that they are easy to adjust.You will have the option to download the above best photo stitching apps listed from their official websites. Hope this article is very useful to you.

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