How to Download Movies From Flud Torrent

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Flud torrent is an android application which is totally made in india. This app is an simple and neat bit torrent client for android users. Where you can share your files from one phone to another. This is an dream and best entertainment app where you can download all the files. Download for latest version 1.8.2 in its latest version they have provided us mega data so that you can select the files before adding it into the torrent. Newly added sequential setting which is in setting where it can tuned by default.  Compared to other downloading apps it is the best because here you can select or deselect the files which you want to download by after adding it into an torrent.  


Using your mobile phone you can handle very large torrent is also very easy to use in android. Flud torrent consists of version which is free and another premium both version has the same level of experience but in free app you will see many advertisement by paying $1.49 you will get premium version there will be no adv. There is no big difference between these


  • You can experience unlimited for downloads and uploads
  • It has the ability to select which file that you need to download
  • It has the ability to make priorities for file or folder
  • It contains RSS feed support with automatic drawing
  • It supports for magnetic link
  • It also supports for  NAT-PMP, DGT,UPNP
  • It has the ability to download the video continuously
  • While the video is in downloading process you can move files from one folder to another
  • It supports torrent with high quandity of files
  • It recognize magnet links with browser
  • It supports for encrypt, ip filtering, proxy,
  • It has the option to download on wifi only
  • You can able to change your theme which is black or white

How to Download Movies From Flud Torrent

Here we explain you how to download with simple steps

  • First on the flud interface main screen search for torrents
  • It then launches you a new browser window
  • Next launch the flud menu
  • Next you can start or pause torrent
  • Then manually you have to add a torrent file into your device



Download flus torrent app from play store or apple app store it is designed with simple interface so that you can also manage easily. To download your file click on plus (+) icon on the app and then search for torrent file. Then the file will be added to “ all tab” where you can see all your torrent files. The queue tab will show you all the current status of downloading . there is an setting where you can change your bandwidth, storage and network setting.

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It contains file sharing protocol so I can’t hopefully say that your safe about privacy. Otherwise if you are a movie lover then this app is perfect one for you. I hope the above information will help you to download this app.

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