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Who doesn’t want to capture and store memories of them, their family and their well beings but all this can happen if you have a great camera and when it comes to makes those memories put together and enjoy what’s better than a best video editing app that allows you to do so in a very easy and convenient manner. You can store all your memories and see it in a motion form with lots of editing features and perfect resolution.

Kinemaster for pc is a video editing app that helps to get professional quality video editing features in mobile. It has up to four additional audio tracks, detailed volume control and much more. You can experience greatly by using this app as it is different from other video editing apps due to its unique features. If you see the ratings and reviews of kinemaster you will find various positive feedback and kinemaster is rated 4.4 in google play store with a download over 100 millions. It is one among the apps that are featured at editors choice at the app store and is highly recommended for editing great videos by yourself just by sitting at home. Its even popular in apple app store with a 4.7 rating.

This app is very much useful for those peoples who are beginners and also who want to shoot and edit lengthy videos. We have not found much complains regarding this app and as it is not of a Chinese company its protected from being banned and also it has no complain of security of privacy lapser and thus this traits makes it more useful and safe to use.

Features of Kinemaster For PC

Kinemaster as we know has very unique and different properties from other video editing apps that makes it more reliable and safe to use. It provides various editing functions like transition effects, text, handwriting overlay, videos and image layers, maximum of 4 additional audio tracks and much more. Hence it has many more features like:

  • We can control speed in kinemaster.
  • It provide various themes and features.
  • various effects and filters.
  • Different transition effects and animation styles.
  • And various adjustments and overlay effects.
  • It has real time recording features.
  • It has social media sharing features.
  • You can do frame by frame trimming in kinemaster.
  • You also have varieties of stickers available.
  • very efficient editing app with many features and qualities.
  • instant preview feature.
  • And hue, brightness and saturation controls.
  • User friendly with great quality and precision.
  • It helps to create professional level videos by having full control on video creations.
  • clip graphics and color adjustments and various color filters.
  • It has gained wide popularity and rating.

So why not give it a try and use this app to see and check its amazing results and even subscribe to its pro version for more additional and unique features and create wonderful videos by oneself. It is now one of the recommended apps and is used widely for professional editing and use.

Kinemaster For PC

Kinemaster for pc is a powerful full fledged video editing tool with unique and best features for video development. It has really different features as compared to other video editing tools and has more efficiency then other tools. Here you can get good speed control feature which is very much useful for video modification. It helps to do frame by frame trimming and get instant preview and auto filter feature. Here we get real time sharing and social media sharing feature and has lots of adjustments. It supports all version available  and supports all the video formats.

Kinemaster For PC


To download kinemaster in pc windows we have two methods:


Kinemaster For PC
  • First download MEmu installer and finish the setup.
  • click on start menu and then open Google play store on the desktop.
  • Then search kinemaster- pro video editor in Google play.
  • Then click on download and install kinemaster-pro video editor.
  • After installation click on the icon to start.
  • And enjoy playing kinemaster-pro video editor on your pc with MEmu.

We use MEmu for kinemaster because it is the best android emulator and millions of people enjoy its awesome android gaming experience. The MEmu empowers you to play thousands of games on your pc, not only these the most graphic intensive ones can also be played smoothly through MEmu.


Kinemaster For PC
  • First download “Bluestack” on your pc.
  • Then run and install the app.
  • Then open Google play app and download KM app.
  • And then press install and done.


After you finish installing the kinemaster app in your pc you need to open it and use it. You can see various features available in kinemaster and use them easily for lengthy videos. You can open every feature and use them so that you can understand its use and yes enjoy this best editing tool and create awesome videos.


Kinemaster is a video editing app that is designed both for android and Mac. There is no different versions of kinemaster for pc and Mac. The features it has for pc same it has for Mac. Here also you can get best editing tools and edit lengthy videos at one go without much hustle and due to its instant preview feature you can check your video easily. You get various features like handwriting overlap, transitions, audio and many more effects and filters with lots of adjustments available. So you can easily use it even if you are a beginner or a pro.

Kinemaster For Mac


Steps to download kinemaster for mac are :

  • First download the android emulator like bluestack or nox player from its official website.
  • Then after downloading emulator, go to download folder and open installer file.
  •  Then you need to select the installation location and install the emulator on your mac.
  • After installation, open the emulator and log in with your gmail id in apple store.
  • Then search kinemaster in the search bar.
  • Then click on install button it and install it amd use kinemaster on your MAC.


One can create really exciting videos using kinemaster apk where you discover really cool features like adding text and music, looking professional and creating mood so that it reaches large number of audience. It’s a great way to make you videos much interesting and people across the world are using it for video editing. You can even play your videos backward and then imeediately shift the viewers attention and such way you can create exciting videos.


  • Click on ‘enable unknown sources’.
  • Download the file from the links available on chrome.
  • Then locate the file and install the app on your device.
  • Then open the app and make necessary changes if it appears on the screen.
  • And you are done installing and can now use kinemaster.


Everyone has different level of interest and desires but for those who love capturing memories and creating motions and videos a best app called kinemaster is there for you. It’s a video editing app that helps you edit videos like professional and it also has very amazing features. You can use this app on your pc, android or your Iphone and it’s a very hustle free app where you don’t have to struggle much. Just download it and use it and explore it so that you get to know about its different features like effects, filters, how to put audios, handwriting overlay and transitions. You get more exciting features when you subscribe to its pro version where you come across more features and enjoy using this app to create wonderful videos at a go.

Kinemaster is even the best app and is editors choice and has gained great popularity within the coming period. Due to its unique features millions of people are using it and even professional video editors look upon this app to edit their videos and create best videos.

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