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Maginon ipc viewer For PC is an android application which is designed to control your maginon IPC surveillance camera tharough your smartphone. Once the app has been installed on your mobile phone then you can view live video on your phone. Half of the people are using cctv in their home nowadays it becomes more easier one of the best app for surveillance camera is maginon ipc viewer because this app offers you to go to cctv footage and it covers area from the connected ip devices. For laptop users you can’t use this feature because this app is not updated yet.


Using android emulators is the best method to download this app. There are lot of emulators available in the market but we recommend you to use bluestack. Please follow the below steps to download this app

  • First go to chrome and download bluestack from the official website
  • After download and installation completed launch your bluestack
  • Then open bluestack emulator home page and look for play store icon
  • To access play store you have to sign in with your google account
  • Then search maginon ipc viewer in play store
  • Your search result will be shown on screen
  • Select to download and install
  • Finally open and start using this app

How To Connect Your Maginon ipc viewer For PC IP Camera

  • To connect your magion  use connection option ispy or agent
  • If also FFMPEG option is available for you then we recommend you to go for first it will be faster and supports for video.
  •  For set up click “add” then “ip camera to wizard” to automatically setup your camera
  • Also keep in mind by connecting via ONVIF as maginon camera will support for onvif connection as well
  • Then to find your camera start typing in the “make” box
  • If your camera is not shown then go to settings and click “get latest list”
  • If you want to modify the URL then add or edit the maginon camera also where you can modify your connection types 


  • First download maginon ipc viewer on play store or apple app store
  • Then login with your username and password
  • Next click ‘+’ sign which is located on the top right corner to add camera
  • If you are new user we tell you how to create new account go to home screen and create new account
  • The password that you created should contain 10 characters long, upper and lower case letters and some special characters and numbers
  • Then select “register” next you will receive email notification
  • Open the mail and and confirm to activate the supra space account
  • Next to set up new camera press “+” symbol
  • Now connect camera to USB power adapter
  • Next select your camera type which is indoor or outdoor
  • To connect your camera for supra space account then press reset button for 15 min
  • After restarting connect your phone into wifi network connection
  • Now connect your phone  to the camera wifi and return back camera will restore the function
  • Next firmware is checked then click continue
  • Now you have to select which camera to be operated for that enter wifi key of the network to be operated
Maginon ipc viewer For PC
Maginon ipc viewer For PC
Maginon ipc viewer For PC

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Maginon IPC viewer For PC app contains lots of feature you can use this app and share your experience. I hope the above given information will help you to download this app. If not please mention us

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