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We need a good sharing app that allows easy sharing and transfer of files and data’s easily. To transfer images, videos and other files we need a sharing app that easily allows you to transfer files from one phone to other and also in pc windows with the help of emulators. It must be convenient and enable smooth transfer of data’s and also must provide security so that your files are not misplaced or misused. One such app that allows you to do so is MX ShareKaro. This app allows you share files between MX player and Sharekaro in just simple clicks. This is an Indian app that is created by MX Media and Entertainment and is free to use without any internet usage.

This helps keep your files safe and you can transfer any kind of file such as PDF, images and many more. It runs many times faster than Bluetooth.

MX ShareKaro For PC

MX sharekaro is an amazing file transfer app that allows users to transfer data and files from one device to other and enable transfer between sharekaro and MX player. This app has gained huge popularity after the ban of share it app as it has all features that you require in a file transfer app and provides security to easily run the app on any device. This helps to operate the app on your pc and with full safety. You can easily take backups through this app and can share data easily from your mobile to pc. And transfer files without any internet connection also so internet is not an issue and can be used anywhere and everywhere. App is launched in play store and can be used in pc window with the help of emulators.

Features Of MX ShareKaro For PC

MX Sharekaro has many benefits and features for pc windows such as:

  • It is free to use and doesn’t require any registration.
  • It is very much useful when it comes to sharing as you can share large files through this app.
  • You can share various files like pdf, photos, videos and even games through MX sharekaro.
  • This app helps transfer large file games like Pubg and etc.
  • It works thousand times faster than Bluetooth when it comes to sharing.
  • MX sharekaro app is user friendly and this app has high graphical interface.
  • You can directly transfer files without the help of dongle, cods etc.
  • There is no limit on file transfer size.
  • And greatly used after the ban of shareit app and has gained huge popularity over time.
  • This app can easily work without any internet connection.

How To Download And Install MX ShareKaro On PC Windows (7/8/10)

MX sharekaro is a data transfer app that helps you transfer data easily from your phone to your computer. MX sharekaro app can be downloaded in pc through emulators. There are two methods to download the app on pc through emulators such as:


MX sharekaro app can be installed using bluestack emulator by following the steps like:

  • First you need to go to your chrome and search bluestack emulator.
  • After you get the emulator set up and launch a wizard to finish installing the emulator on your pc windows.
MX ShareKaro For PC
  • And installed open your play store and log in using your Google account.
  • Then search for MX sharekaro app in the search bar.
MX ShareKaro For PC
  • After you get the app click on download and install the app.
  • After you install the app click done and go to your home screen and open the app through bluestack emulator and enjoy using the app to enjoy file transfer with security.


The second method to install MX Sharekaro is through Noxplayer by following the steps like:

  • First go to your Google chrome and search for noxplayer emulator.
MX ShareKaro For PC
  • After you get the emulator double click and follow the on screen instructions if any to download and install the emulator on your pc windows.
  • After you finish installing Noxplayer on your pc, go to your play store.
  • Login to your play store using your Google account.
  • Then search for MX Sharekaro app in the play store.
  • After you get the app click on install and wait for some time to install the app on your pc.
  • When you finish installation, go to the home screen and use the app to enjoy file and data transfer between one device to other smoothly and easily.

How To Use MX ShareKaro On PC

MX ShareKaro On PC app is great to use the app to transfer data’s and files from one device to other. This helps enable transfer with or without internet connection and it is very useful for transferring big size files. You can transfer anything from it like PDF, videos, images and many more. This helps drop the files to your pc easily without any dongle or cod. It is great app that helps sharing between MX player and MX sharekaro and you can easily use the app to play music directly after receiving it on MX player app.

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MX sharekaro has gained huge popularity after the ban of shareit app because it has all the features that one looks in a file transfer app. It is easy to use and ensure safety of your personal information so that it is not misused. This is an Indian app and has got great ratings in play store. This app provides add free experience and transfer any size files without any limit. And easily transfer files with great flash speed and can be used by any device. If you are looking for a trustworthy file transfer app then it is a great choice and must be used by all.

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