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First of all lets understand what exactly is showbox. It is basically android app that allows users to stream movies, series and shows exclusively in their computers, tablets and smartphones. It’s a kind of use your free time or enjoy with your popcorn time with showbox. People can even save their shows or movies offline or download them to watch later. You can stream on videos and enjoy it in a perfect high definition quality .

Showbox for pc is safe or not depends totally on the fact where you source on download of the app. Its always better and preferable to go to the Google play store, download and install the app. Yes showbox is not directly available to you in play store, reason being the app is designed to watch pirated content. That is the reason you can find showbox via third party sites.

Showbox for Windows

Showbox is among those best apps that must be used carefully as it has some viruses but if you know the ins and outs on phone in a very proper way you will never face such issue and would be able to tackle them all. It has varieties of viewing option and enjoy them all if you know the proper way of using it. When you start the app it asks your data to confirm your age and details so that minors don’t have access to adult content and so on. So its even safer to use.

Customers may be concerned about their personal data but showbox doesn’t save your personal data and is convenient to use.

It doesn’t have any copyright infringement any it even complies with infringement procedures and even cooperate with copyright holders and companies.

  • It has a features of resolving issues very fast be it with streaming ore internet issues or issue with download.
  • And fixes all the bugs and allows smooth functioning of the app and allows you to get the necessary content without any failures and delay.


  • Showbox is free to download. You don’t have to pay anything to stream videos and movies on app.
  • Showbox works on almost all platforms be it pc, android or Iphone. You can stream videos and movies with minimum errors.
  • Showbox helps to stream movies and videos from free sources. If the movie you want to watch is available for you then showbox will get that for you in no time.
  • You can download movies or save them them to watch later in showbox without much hustle.
  • Showbox helps watch movies in high definition quality rather than normal quality.
  • You get almost every movies and videos you want of your choice in showbox as it has everything.
  • Settings allows you to change the picture quality as you need.
  • You can use free content without any hustle or registration.
  • Here you can access both paid and free services because showbox helps you get the free content to any movie that you wish to watch.
  • It allows you to get the necessary information without any bugs or failures and delays and helps smooth streaming of internet.
  • It is a multi platform that not only helps download movie and watch later but also helps in sharing info and is very useful and great app if used in a proper way.


Showbox for pc generally comes handy where one can access huge amount of free shows and movies. You just have to download the app on pc and watch any show you want inside the app and it is simple and easy way to use the app. Here you even save the videos or download them to watch them later on and enjoy your happy hours in your free time. Showbox for pc can be installed in pc and windows 10 through this add on. But before downloading it on your device you must know the trusted sources as showbox downloaded from wrong source can badly damage your device with viruses and all. And you must have a antivirus software for downloading showbox so that it causes no harm to pc.


There are basically two methods to download and install showbox on pc windows (7/8/10), step by step guide :-

Method 1 : Use the ARC WELDER  to download showbox for pc

  • You need to have a good chrome browser to download showbox. So if you don’t have one then get a good chrome on pc.
  • Then you need to search for Arc Welder chrome extension in google chrome store and then download it.
  • Then download showbox apk file and run it on arc welder.
  • While testing you can choose from option full window or partial screen.
  • And then you can start using showbox on pc and enjoy streaming videos and movies.

Method 2: Use Bluestacks to download showbox for windows:

  • First you need to go to the official website of bluestack and create an account using your Gmail id.
  • Click Download the bluestack file and install it on computer.
  • Then press the accept button and install the .exe file of bluesatck on pc.
  • Then you need to open the shoebox apk file you downloaded and enjoy streaming showbox on pc.


Showbox For mac

Running showbox on mac can be a tuff task for those who have no idea of this but if you follow the instructions carefully you can download it very easily. Methods  to use showbox on MAC are:


showbox for mac
  • Download Android emulator that are same as those in android environment. You can use Andy emulator, Genymotion or Bluestack. However we recommend Bluestack as its more convenient.
  • After you install android emulator search for showbox apk in search column.
  • Then open the showbox from the options provided my emulator in its menu bar and then start streaming videos and movies.


  • You must have a chrome browser for this. Then add the arc welder extension to chrome.
  • And open the plug in by clicking on add app option. Then select a directory or make a new directory on the arc welder that will be used to store downloaded file on system.
  • Download the showbox application from google web store. Download the apk file and go to the chrome browser and open arc welder. Here you will find add apk option which needs to be used to select the showbox app.
  • Then click on the test button and start using showbox to stream varieties of videos and movies.

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Showbox is an excellent app to stream movies and shows and is very easy to use and download. Due to its unique features and easy to use quality people love to use this app and it also gives you a feature of vast library that makes it more preferable to users and no wonder why users want to download showbox in pc, android and Iphone.

Showbox includes links to third parties and cannot be downloaded without a trusted source to avoid harm to device. However it doesn’t transfer your personal data and keeps you updated about new videos and movies. It can save movies for later and even has the feature to download them and also it only has the feature of streaming free movies for some of the movies you wish to watch without registration or without sharing your personal data. And you can even see developers continuously working on bugs if any to avoid any issue and to protect your device from viruses.

So why wait you can also use showbox and stream good quality videos and movies and enjoy surfing. Statistical data is located in application servers that helps to improve the search results. So you can trust its effectiveness and if at all you have any issues then the developers always are at work to fix them .

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