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Thoptv Android is a Indian streaming app that allows you to stream 3k plus Indian channels and watch movies, shows, or series of your choice. It is free and requires no payment procedure. This app helps you to download shows to watch them later and even watch live shows like cricket games without any interruption. And mobile data or also through Wi-Fi that help to use it anywhere and anytime. It has no privacy policy and requires no login or signup to use the app.


Thoptv has really great features and benefits like:

  • Free to use and is very safe and reliable.
  • It requires no payment method and you can stream unlimited shows.
  • And without any login or signup so can be used without registration.
  • And has over thousands of channels that you can stream easily on your android phone.
  • It even has a radio that people can listen to at any time wgile going to work or travelling.
  • A notification feature that helps you to et notified when your favorite movie or series releases.
  • It can be used with Wi-Fi and mobile data so people can use it anywhere.


Thoptv for android

Thoptv downloaded on your android with the helps of steps like:

  • First go to your play store and search thoptv.
  • Then after you get the app click install.
  • After installation click done and start streaming shows and movies on your phone.


Thoptv for android

Thoptv on android by downloading it from play store. This is a free app and requires no payment procedure. This app helps you to stream over 3000 and more channels and watch shows, movies or series of your choice at anytime anyplace. You can even download shows to watch later or watch live shows like cricket and much more. You get radio facility to listen to radio while going to job or travelling.

And more over my last article i published about thoptv for pc and thoptv for iphone we tried and guide you full instruction with screenshot available.


Thoptv is the best streaming app for videos, movies and series. It is an Indian app and allows you to watch over 3000plus shows and enjoy streaming shows of your own choice. It requires no payment and is free to use. This app facilitates download of shows you want and watch live shows like cricket, football and many more.

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