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Tik Video Cyborg Review Are you tired of shooting and editing videos for your tiktok? Or don’t you have enough traffic to your channel? And Or don’t you know the strategies to create maximum reach for your videos? Or even nave, don’t you know the apt hashtags to be used?

All these questions might have worried you. That’s the reason tik video cyborg has already created an impact among the tiktok users.

Tik video cyborg is helping thousands of people to earn decent money through tiktok. It is helping its users to increase traffic to their channel.

Tik Video Cyborg review

Yes! You heard me right.

If you want to know the secret, keep reading the post.

There is a misconception about tiktok that the platform is used for aspiring actors or who love to perform before the camera. But that is wrong. Tik Tok can be used to promote business and so much more.

Tik Video Cyborg review

Even if you are a person who is not comfortable to come and perform before the camera, you can create your unique videos and can make money through it. I will be giving you a quick and elaborate idea about tik video cyborg and how it can be used to generate traffic to your channel and improve your business, its launch price, and it’s usage. Stay tight!!

What is Tik video Cyborg?

Tik Video Cyborg Review is the first and only app that can be used to create, edit, and upload content to TikTok through a desktop computer.

All these while there has been no way to upload the video to TikTok through the desktop. But Tik Video Cyborg made the whole process simple and user friendly.

If you have already created the video and want to make editing and want to add the apt and related hashtags to the video, all you have to do is to search for the keyword and the Tik Video Cyborg will do the rest.

Tik Video Cyborg review

With the help of Tik Video Cyborg, you will be able to find PLNG Tech, which helps to hack Tiktok traffic generating hacks using tiktok batch algorithm, tiktok challenges, and soundbites. Needless to say, this app helps to create video fully automatically without having to shoot or edit. And this video can be uploaded to Tiktok using any media. How convenient is that !!

Tik Video Cyborg review

In simple words, Tik Video Cyborg helps you to get maximum traffic and reach.

Who is this app for?

This app can be used for many purposes. Maybe more than what we know in general.

  • YouTuber.
  • Businessmen.
  • Influencer.
  • Resellers.
  • Content creators.
  • Digital creators.
  • Digital Marketers.

How videos or stop motion videos can be created using Tik video Cyborg?

To create videos using Tik Video Cyborg, all you have to do is enter a keyword. You will directed Upload to youtube channel. From there you will be able to choose a video that is legal to use without any copyright issue. This video can be used to create a regular video of your choice or stop motion videos which are quite popular in Tiktok.

Tik Video Cyborg review

This is done using Artificial Intelligence (AI). You don’t have to create, edit, render, or trim the videos. The app will make your job easy. The video made can be uploaded through a desktop computer without any hassle.

Scheduling on Tik Video Cyborg

We can be successful if we are consistent.  If we can be consistent in creating and uploading content, it will automatically bring more followers and reach.

Creating, editing, and uploading regularly might be tiring. Or you might be busy with other work. This can slow down your growth in Tiktok. This is why scheduling is convenient and helpful for Tik video Cyborg users.

Tik Video Cyborg helps in scheduling your post. Your pre-made videos can be upload on the scheduled date and time. This makes your content uploading consistent and brings more followers and reach as well.

How to grow and create traffic to your channel using Tik Video Cyborg?

Tiktok is a platform like Youtube and Facebook. To get maximum reach, you have to find the right audience. Finding the right audience is by hashtags.

Tik Video Cyborg review

Adding hashtags to all your videos is important. When the content is ready to upload you can search for the right keywords. And Tik Video Cyborg will show you the apt and related hashtags. This helps you to get your content to reach the right audience.

The launch price of Tik Video Cyborg

  • The front end version is $17. This app also has upsell. If you want the basic version with video creation and uploading you can settle for the front end version.
  • And looking for mass video creating and mass schedule, you probably need the upsell 1 worth $47.
  • If you want 10x more traffic and 10 licenses, you can buy upsell 2 worth $67.
  • If you want to automatically create videos for other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, you can go for upsell 3 worth $17.
  • To get affiliate 35 top products to promote on Tiktok, you might need Upsell 4 worth $17.
  • By spending $17 per year to $47 per year, you can buy the upsell 5. This helps to import all pages through a single click.
  • If you want additional features and double templates, you can go for an upsell worth $67.

Pros of Tik video Cyborg

  • Automatic video generation.
  • Operated using a desktop computer.
  • Automatic editing, rendering, and trimming.
  • Posting scheduled.
  • Bring more followers and generate traffic.
  • Different versions are available.
  • Helps to grow fast in Tiktok.
  • Helps to build your business.

Cons of Tik Video Cyborg

  • So many updates are available and it costs a lot of money.
Tik Video Cyborg review


Without having a second thought we can say, Tik Video Cyborg is a game-changer. 800 million people use Tiktok. Reaching out to such a huge audience is a big deal. It helps you to reach the mass and target audience without committing a herculean task. This app saves you time and effort. And it does everything that it claims.

You can now sit back and see your channel growing and generating traffic. Tik Video Cyborg Review Literally, it makes your job easy and helps you to make more money. 

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